Posted 27/05/2011 | Runtime 04:13
This is the 2011 promotional showreel of Stuntcoordinator/Stuntman Ferdi Fischer from
Posted 26/05/2011 | Runtime 01:57
17 Nov 2009 ... ferdi fischer from the stuntteam is back and this time he drops from 150 feet (45 meters) into cardboard boxes.
Posted 16/05/2011 | Runtime 03:01
The first installment focuses on boat based surf exploration in the equatorial, turquoise wilderness of the Maldives, 400 km South of the tourist zone.
Posted 27/11/2010 | Runtime 02:57
Ferdinand Fischer and Mathis Landwehr doin some motion capture.
Posted 19/11/2010 | Runtime 01:11 and kstunts present another galileo flic. stuntcoordinator / stuntman ferdinand fischer doing the fake check (myth buster) on rambo 1.
Posted 16/09/2010 | Runtime 01:19
stuntcoordinator / stuntman Ferdinand Fischer from performs some precision driving burnouts and donuts for the german series: SOKO stuttgart. In this particular scene he doubles peter ketnath, the principal actor!
Posted 11/01/2010 | Runtime 00:42
Stuntcoordinator / Stuntman Ferdi Fischer from flips into a grave.
Posted 16/06/2009 | Runtime 04:39
finishing first a dry-surf-contest means surfing on maui...mahalooooo!
Posted 09/11/2007 | Runtime 00:44
fire fight with ferdinand fischer and alexander mack.
Posted 01/08/2007 | Runtime 02:40
the making of Hoppar över väg med 1450kg tung Volvo 740 i Kungsängen Stockholm.
Posted 25/05/2007 | Runtime 00:60
short car chase with 100 feet jump over a volvo truck
Posted 13/12/2006 | Runtime 00:46
couple of slo-mos from zürich
Posted 13/12/2006 | Runtime 00:60
a small teaser whats gonna happen soon on!
Posted 13/12/2006 | Runtime 04:38
the full making of of the famous 115 feet gainer! the craziest cliff jump ever seen on you tube!
Posted 13/12/2006 | Runtime 01:46
stuntman driving the shit out of a gti !!This footage was never telecasted because it was too actionfilled! it was performed by a stuntteam in germany that goes by the name